Our customer, Our business!

  To boost performance, productivity and efficiency, best quality and endless innovations must be considered. BEBEQUE LTD is a world class company comprising of three major arms: Information communication technology (ICT), Renewable energy services providing clean energy that is sustainable, reliable and eco-friendly (Basically solar energy) and structural design and implementation.

  It is in our nature to provide our clients with the best services from our specialists through their exceptional ingenuity using best of the best quality products. Our goal is to wow our customers. Our exposure in power systems, power electronics, renewable energy, information technology and structural design is second to none. Our specialists carefully and cleverly model our projects from inception through calculative planning, neat execution, quality control and monitoring, and finally decommissioning it no matter how small or big the project is.

  The welfare of our customers is of utmost importance, therefore they are the main stake holders of our services. We ensure that our project follows a trajectory line of scope, time, quality and budget. Our services are delivered with the best available products. We also advise our customers to choose the most optimal design that will make economic sense in order to reduce cost and energy loss. BBEQUE LTD’s expertise in service delivery is as a result of her understanding in project management knowledge areas, precision in design making, ingenuity in technical abilities, best quality control and diligent specialists.

  BEBEQUE LTD is committed to maximizing the benefit of the abundance sun rays to develop an off-grid solar system for rural, commercial and industrial sites in order to boost the performance, profitability and productivity of large, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This will in turn boost the economy of Africa at large. Our ICT section is dedicated in designing interactive organizational websites, database, apps, and installation of surveillance cameras for security purposes, proper documentation and accountability.