FIENES through Office of Bebeque Affairs (BEBEQUE ENERGY) embarked on practical assessment and characterization of the biomass resources that accrues from municipal waste in Akwa Ibom State. The assessment showed how 458.3 tons of both Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and agro processing waste generated per day in Uyo and its immediate environs could generate more than N60 million, N1.5 billion and N20 billion in a day, a month and a year respectively; if it is converted to electrical power and sold to customers at a minimum selling price of N30/kWh.

From the biomass energy resource assessment, it is estimated that Uyo and its immediate environs generates 458.3 tons of both MSW and agro waste which could be used for electrical energy generation. The 458.3 tons per day waste has 2,182.05 MWh energy potentialswith 27.27 MW and 18.41 MW of electrical power and power to the grid potentials respectively. The proposed power solution could serve as both on-grid or off-grid power solutions.

The assessment report captured a detailed estimate of the quantity of municipal solid waste (MSW) and agro waste generated per annum, the quantity and the fractions of the waste streams available for energy production. More so, the physical characterization of the waste streams into fractions was conducted and the moisture content of the individual waste streams were estimated using experimental approach. Heating values of the waste streams was determined using the values of the individual moisture contents and the chemical composition of the waste streams.

The assessment report concluded that the estimated quantity of MSW and agro waste in Uyo and its immediate environs considered for energy generation is 153,991.32 tons/year. The quantity useful for energy generation is 458.31 tons/day. The 458.31 tons/day of the MSW/agro waste in Uyo with 17.14 MJ/kg heating value has the capacity to produce 2.18 GWh of energy potential, 27.27 MW of electrical power and 18.41 MW of power to the grid.

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